DNTA144 - Dental Radiology

Theory and basic principles of intraoral radiographs; characteristics and methods of controlling radiation, hazards of radiation and the biological effects of radiography, anatomical landmarks and pathologies. Practical application includes radiographic exposures, process and evaluation of DXTTR, infection control, and the use of selected radiographic equipment and image software.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Explain radiation health precautions.
  2. Identify anatomical landmarks and pathologies on dental radiographs.
  3. Explain various processing procedures for dental radiographs.
  4. Describe the technique and components of digital dental imaging.
  5. Adhere to proper infection control standards
  6. Apply basic principles associated with the generation of radiation exposure
  7. Compare techniques used to produce intraoral radiographs
  8. Explain the different mounting procedures for dental radiographs
  9. Produce a diagnostically acceptable full-mouth image survey on a manikin