AUTOB202 - Topcoat Systems Applications

A continuation of the concepts introduced in AUTOB 201, students apply a variety of automotive topcoats including single-stage, basecoat/clearcoat, and tri-coat finishes. Buffing, compounding, and detailing of newly painted vehicles for delivery is also presented

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: AUTOB102, AUTOB103, WBAS101

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Define terms relating to color
  2. Properly complete spot repairs, panel repairs, and an overall paint job
  3. Summarize the repair procedures for multistage finishes
  4. Describe color theory and how it relates to matching paint colors
  5. Describe the methods of doing custom paint work
  6. Describe the paint finishing systems applicable to plastic parts
  7. Describe the use of a computerized color matching system
  8. Explain how to tint solid and metallic colors
  9. Make spray-out and let-down test panels
  10. Professional apply single-stage finishes, as well as basecoat/clear coat systems