OTA212 - Applied Experience - I - C

Students participate in observations and guided practice opportunities for applying OT principles in traditional and nontraditional settings

Credits: 1

Offered: Summer


  1. Gather and share data for the purpose of screening and evaluation including, but not limited to, specified screening tools, assessments, skilled observations, checklists, histories, consultations with other professionals, and interviews with the client, f
  2. Develop skill and ability in observation, asking questions, effective interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and retrieving client information.
  3. Cultivate professional responsibility in appropriate dress, appropriate behavior, confidentiality of information, and responsibility to client, facility/environment and self.
  4. Develop knowledge and understanding of physical, organizational and therapeutic structure of the environment, the role of occupational therapy in the evaluation and treatment of clients, ethical considerations in the practice of occupational therapy and t
  5. Cultivate therapeutic use of self, as identified by developing empathy, developing an appreciation of sociocultural, socioeconomic and diversity of others, and adjusting feelings and behavior for therapeutic gain.
  6. Provide therapeutic use of self, including one’s personality, insights, perceptions, and judgments as part of the therapeutic process in both individual and group interaction.
  7. Apply training strategies in self-care, self-management, home management, and community and work integration.
  8. Apply development, remediation, and compensation for physical, cognitive, perceptual, sensory, neuromuscular, and behavioral skills