ETRIC250 - Senior Project 

Electrical engineering system planning, analysis and creative design, problems formulation, recognition of need, design constraints and requirements , feasibility assessment, and design of electrical engineering systems.  Oral presentations and written report are required. Project I and II aim to broaden student's concepts of engineering planning, analysis design with emphasis on the design process. The objective of this course is to formulate analyze and solve electrical engineering problems through creative thinking, engineering education and using the principles of technical and professional practices.  Students will apply the foundational knowledge and skills form the science and engineering principles. 

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: AMATH 170, ENGR& 111, ENGR& 112

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Spring


  1. Develop the project planning, project breakdown, and activity relationship.
  2. Construct a project network model, network diagrams, program evaluation and review techniques. (PERT)
  3. Perform critical path analysis for project scheduling using special software.
  4. Understand the planning, scheduling and construction phase of electrical engineering projects.
  5. Understand the project delivery system, responsibility, and authority of projects.