OTA220 - Clinical Fieldwork Level II - Rotation A

The first of two eight-week off-campus work experiences in a clinical setting under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist or a certified occupational therapy assistant. This forty-hour per week rotation is to further develop and practice the skills of an entry-level OTA and must be successfully completed before student is eligible for the national certification examination

Credits: 11

Offered: Fall


  1. Develop entry level competencies for the Level II fieldwork by the end of the experience (entry level competence is defined as achieving the minimum passing score or above on the AOTA Level II Fieldwork Performance Evaluation).
  2. Assume full client caseload, as defined by fieldwork site, by end of experience.
  3. Collect, use and appropriately apply assessment data to intervention development and treatment.
  4. Submit correct and complete documentation in a timely manner, according to policies and procedures of fieldwork site.
  5. Be familiar with and utilize treatment/intervention approaches that demonstrate in depth knowledge of the various frames of reference and evidence based interventions in occupational therapy practice.
  6. Establish and maintain an effective relationship with clients, families, co-workers and others involved in the OT intervention process.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the use and purpose of "occupation" when assisting in the development of treatment plans, and when working with clients