OTA104 - Therapeutic Use of Self

The focus of this course is to explore personal values and cultural attitudes that relate to individual performance, group interactions and therapeutic use of self for the establishment of therapeutic relationships. Group roles, learning styles, leadership, and communication styles will be examined in a variety of ways. Students develop basic skills for observation, interviewing, communicating with their cohort but also with the population we serve. Personality, insights, perceptions and judgments as part of the therapeutic process are covered and addressed to ensure success as occupational therapy practitioners.

Credits: 5

Offered: Fall


  1. Identify personal learning style and develop awareness of different learning styles.
  2. Identify strategies for decision-making and conflict resolution.
  3. Identify and demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  4. Use basic observation skills and interviewing techniques.
  5.     Identify personal and professional leadership abilities and competencies as they relate to job responsibilities.
  6. Use sound judgment in regards to safety of self and others in the classroom and outside.
  7. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the therapeutic use of oneself, including one’s personality, insights, perceptions and judgments, as part of the therapeutic process in both individual and group interaction and how it is used as a tool for therapy.
  8. Develop awareness of and sensitivity to different cultures, values, ethnicity and abilities.
  9. Demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of the role of sociocultural, socioeconomic, and diversity factors and lifestyle choices in contemporary society. Identify the potential impact of current policy issues and these factors on the practice of OT.