CNCM126 - CNC Mill & Lathe Operations & Set-Up

This class will be a combination and replacement of the former CNCM 110 CNC Mill 1 and CNCM 119 Lathe 1 classes. It will introduce students to use of CNC machines in manual mode. The class will introduce students to set up including tooling, fixturing and work coordinate systems. Students will learn to maintain, set up and operate CNC Machines safely. Continued introduction and exploration of the industry and employment opportunities.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: 5


  1. Apply established safety practices.
  2. Explain the different components which when bolted together make a conventional or CNC Machining Center.
  3. Operate the CNC miling machine and lathe in manual mode.
  4. Perform detailed preventative Maintenance tasks on CNC lathe and milling machine.
  5. Interpret Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as they apply to machining fluids and materials.
  6. Choose correct tool holders for each operation
  7. Safely turn simple round parts in the engine lathe and CNC turning center used manually