AMATH170 - Engineering Foundational Mathematics

This course is a modular web-enhanced progression of foundational mathematical concepts and computation: skills required for success in engineering technology fields of study. Math concepts are taught using STEM field contextual basis. Successful completion of this course is equivalent to completion of intermediate algebra and meets the pre-requisites for math courses requiring a MATH098 Pre-requisite.



Credits: 5


  1. Use a scientific calculator to make computations
  2. Apply order of operations criteria to mathematical expressions
  3. Use calculations involving fractions and decimals and apply them to measurements and engineering formulas
  4. Perform computations involving exponents
  5. Perform algebraic functions equivalent to intermediate algebra proficiency
  6. Perform two dimensional graphing functions
  7. Perform basic trigonometric calculations
  8. Use formulas/make calculations related to basic geometric shapes