DENLB121 - Removable Partial Dentures II

This course is the step by step process of preparing the master cast for partial denture construction. The student will learn model block out, duplication, refractory cast production, design transfer, wax up, and sprucing through finishing. The student will then fabricate a Class l RPD framework.

Credits: 3

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Apply techniques for selection and placement of preformed plastic patters and apply them to the refractory model
  2. Apply techniques to connect elements of the partial pattern together using inlay wax in a manner that minimizes work in subsequent finishing and polishing steps
  3. Apply the steps in spruing, investing, burnout, casting, and finishing framework
  4. Evaluate refractory cast for defects
  5. Prepare model for duplication
  6. Use Agar Hydrocolloid process to duplicate model
  7. Use drying oven to prepare refractory model for the cold resin dip