CYBR209 - Network Defense Essentials

This course introduces computer and network security concepts such as network security controls, wireless network security, Internet of Things (IoT) Network Security, Cryptography, Network Traffic Monitoring, and more. It offers lecture and lab preparation for the EC-Council Network Defense Essentials (NDE) series certification. Students engage in cyber lab exercises to enhance the learning experience.

CIP: 11.1003

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: none

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Recognize vulnerabilities and threats to mobile devices as used in the industry.
  2. Compare and contrast wireless/mobile devices and their applications for security deficiencies.
  3. Identify wireless security updates, patches, and recognize security weaknesses.
  4. Demonstrate mobile device, wireless, and cloud configurations to secure and protect the network infrastructure of a business.
  5. Prepare for industry certification by utilizing cyber lab resources.