CYBR206 - Attack Vectors

Explore techniques used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to, assault, and exploit a device or network. Attack vectors help unauthorized elements to exploit the vulnerabilities in the system or network, including the human element. Topics include network traffic signatures, configuration of network appliances, cryptography, intrusion detection systems, and network defense tools.

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: CYBR203, CYBR204

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Compare and contrast operating system differences in protecting authentication certificates applied for bootable task sequences as used in best practices
  2. Describe common network vulnerabilities in the industry
  3. Describe the key concepts in network defense (defense in depth, minimizing exposure, etc.) as applied in the industry
  4. Describe which cryptographic protocols, tools, and techniques are appropriate for a given situation
  5. Explain how network defense tools (firewalls, IDS, etc.) are used in the industry to defend against attacks and mitigate vulnerabilities
  6. Implement Access Control Lists and secure communication channels between devices as per industry standard
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