MET218 - Introduction to 3 D Modeling

This course is an introduction to creating 3D CAD models using feature-based, parametric solid-modeling design; base, boss and cut features using extruded, revolved, simple swept and lofted shapes; capturing design intent using automatic or user-defined geometric and dimensional constraints; detail and assembly drawings.

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: ENGR&111, ENGR&112

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Winter


  1. Gain basic concepts and understanding of tools related to 3D modeling and design
  2. Apply beginner skills in 3D modeling as it relates to engineering design
  3. Identify the fundamentals of strong 3D design in a digital environment.
  4. Define basic concepts utilizing industry terminology as explained in educational resources
  5. Create 3D solid models of mechanical components using CAD software
  6. Demonstrates evidence of adjustment in own attitudes and beliefs because of working within and learning from diversity of communities and cultures.