INFO205 - Security I

This course provides the core knowledge required for a career in information technology and cybersecurity. Students will be introduced to computers, networks, and physical threats to security. They will gain the ability to identify and address security threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.


CIP: 11.901

EPC: 527

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: none

Corequisites: none

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Interpret the fundamental concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) as defined in the CIA triad using industry terminology.
  2. Identify threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities in relation to computer and network security industry standards.
  3. Explain physical and environmental security controls in a business environment and its relation to industry standards.
  4. Implement protection methods to secure hosts and applications in relation to network security industry standards.
  5. Identify authentication and authorization solutions and secure network design as used network security industry standards.