MACH155 - Job Planning, Bench-work, and Layout

This class is an introduction to develop the skills for process planning, hand operations such as layout, drilling, reaming, sawing, and machine operations such as bandsaw, drill press, and safety standards. Students who complete this coursework are eligible to earn the NIMS credential: Job Planning, Bench-work, and Layout. This course is taken concurrently with MACH 150 and MACH 160.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training


  1. Recall basic symbols and notations used in engineer drawings
  2. Perform basic layout procedures
  3. Describe basic hand-tool safety and precautions per OSHA Standards
  4. Operate band-saw safely with 100% proficiency
  5. Demonstrate safe offhand grinding procedures
  6. Demonstrate the use of drilling, countersinking, spotfacing, counterboring, within +- 1/64"
  7. Define cutting speed and perform speed/feed calculations for hole making operations.
  8. Demonstrate respectful team member skills in a diverse classroom / lab environment