AUTOB105 - Major Panel Replacement

Students apply the basic theory of major panel replacement and alignment/replacement methods, including welding. They are also introduced to automobile body construction types and their common mechanical components: energy absorbers, suspension and steering systems and CV joints

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: AUTOB102, AUTOB103

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Describe how factory spot welds are separated
  2. Describe how to install foam panel fillers
  3. Explain how new body panels should be positioned on a vehicle
  4. List the parts and panels of a vehicle considered to be structural
  5. List the steps for welding new body panels in place
  6. List the steps necessary for replacing a body panel along factory seams
  7. Section rails, rocker panels, pillars, floor pans, and trunk floors
  8. Use the information in a vehicle dimension manual to properly replace welded body panels