MACH150 - Measurement, Materials, & Safety

This course is an introduction to the fundamental knowledge of standard steel classification, reading of precision measuring devices, heat treating metals, general shop practices, and inspection techniques in the machine trades. This course is taken concurrently with MACH 155 and MACH 160

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training


  1. Identify the personal skills needed for success in the machining field
  3. Solve right triangles using sine, cosine, tangent trigonometric functions as well as the Pythagorean Theorum
  4. Use of precision and semi precision measuring tools entry-level measurement tasks
  5. Recall major AISI/SAE/UNS/AA/IADS designation systems for metals
  6. Demonstrate common heat treatment processes for steels and other metals
  7. Restate importance of a routine maintenance program as it relates to a manufacturing environment
  8. Treat team members respectfully by being polite and constructive in communication
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