BUS230 - Managing & Leading Through Change

This course explores and applies management and leadership principles to manage and lead teams and organizations through cultural, technological, and structural disruptions. Students learn to manage risks, prepare for change, and capture opportunities.


CIP: 52.0201

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: ENGL& 101, 2.0 grade or better

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Explain various management and leadership principles and how these affect organizational goals.
  2. Identify employee motivational factors and how to sustain productive and positive engagement.
  3. Discuss opportunities and challenges of engaging cultural, thought, and other diversity factors in management and leadership roles.
  4. Analyze how changing environmental, economic, social, political, and technological conditions affect organizational behavior.
  5. Apply management and leadership principles to prepare employees, teams, and groups for change.
  6. Evaluate how management and leadership can fail to address changing conditions.
  7. Create a management or leadership plan to prepare, manage, and lead people and systems through changing conditions.