BARB121 - Facial Hair

This course is an introduction to the methods used to prepare a client for shaving, including proper razor handling and stroking. The fourteen facial areas are also included.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Demonstrate a mustache trim
  2. Identify the 14 shaving areas of the face
  3. Demonstrate a neck shave
  4. Demonstrate a shave service
  5. Demonstrate cutting in beard designs
  6. Demonstrate handling a straight razor
  7. Demonstrate the freehand, backhand, reverse-freehand and reverse-backhand positions and strokes
  8. Describe razor positions and strokes to perform a shave safely and effectively
  9. Discuss infection control and safety precautions associated with shaving
  10. Discuss the differences between various facial-hair design