DENLB202 - Dental Materials II

This course introduces the student to materials that are used in fixed restorations. Students will be introduced to the basics of chemistry by learning about metallurgy and their chemical and physical properties. Additionally, the student will gain an understanding of weights, measures, and calculations, processing of alloys, metal treatment and torch techniques as well as metal sensitivities. The student will then be introduced to porcelain, its chemical composition, properties, application, and manufacturing.

Credits: 2

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Describe the different extraction methods of metals
  2. Describe the manufacturing process of porcelain
  3. Distinguish the difference between an atom, molecule, substance and compound
  4. Identify between the various bonds ie… covalent, ionic, metallic, and Van der Waals
  5. Identify the chemical & physical properties of metals & alloys including the types of bonds
  6. Identify the classifications of alloy systems
  7. Recognize which metals are used for laboratory applications
  8. Understand the chemical and physical properties of metals & alloys
  9. Understand the composition, chemical and physical properties of porcelains