CMA152 - Medical Office Laboratory Procedures

Introduction to specimen collection and processing. Students perform basic CLIA waived (1988) hematology, chemistry and immunology testing; microscopic urine tests including gram smears and hcg; basic culture techniques and blood typing. Introduction to equipment use and maintenance, re-agent storage and handling, quality control measures and lab safety.

Credits: 4

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Demonstrate successful blood drawing procedures using the different methods of collection, including special patient populations.
  2. Display professional behavior and use of appropriate protective equipment (PPE) for various procedures in a simulated medical lab setting.
  3. Examine specific websites to review and become familiar with the CLIA laws.
  4. Explore cultural competence and how it effects patient care while obtaining pertinent patient information and displaying sensitivity to patients rights and feelings.
  5. Interpret and order specific lab tests; educate/instruct the patient on normal and abnormal lab results and preparation for specialty lab tests in a mock scenario.
  6. Obtain proper specimens for urine, microbiological and specialty testing.
  7. Properly maintain lab test results using flow sheets; complete electronic and paper lab order forms.
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