TRUCK120 - Commercial Truck Driving - Class B

 This preparation course provides students the opportunity to prepare, practice, and study the Department of Licensing (DOL) regulations for the Class B endorsements. This course meets the requirements for the preparation standards of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for the Class B requirement.

Credits: 8

Prerequisites: Must meet WA State CDL application requirements

Distribution: Career Training


  1. Obtain a Class B CDL Learners Permit
  2. Demonstrate understanding about the three parts of the WA CDL Skills Test: (1) Pre-trip inspection, (2) Backing exercises - straight, offset, and 90-degree, (3) Road driving 30-40 minutes and evaluate skills they must master in order to pass all three of the final state CDL test.
  3. Display behavior consistent with acceptable work habits, health habits, and interpersonal attributes following FMCSA standards.