ETRIC128 - Electrical Math

This course focuses on electronic formulas and solutions. Resistance of wires, types, and sizes are applied to voltage drop calculations, transformers, and meter movements.  The course focuses on both DC and AC theories including the atom structure, energy sources, Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's laws, network theorems, magnetism, electromagnetism, alternating voltage and current, and reactivate components.  Laboratory application assignments will be completed using simulations. 

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: AMATH 170, ENGR& 111, ENGR& 112

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Summer


  1. Solve electrical engineering equations and formulas, including systems of equations.
  2. Compute volume and areas of regular and irregular geometric shapes.
  3. Evaluate, graph, and find the domain and range of algebraic and trigonometric functions.
  4. Solve electrical problems using power, current, and impedance triangles applying Pythagoreans Theorem.
  5. Given a complex electrical engineering formula, solve for the unknown.