ENGL&101 - English Composition I

An introduction to college writing emphasizing rhetorical concepts, critical thought, and research skills with attention to effectively engaging a variety of audiences.

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: Placement or ENGL 91, minimum grade of 2.0 or above

Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


  1. Apply strategies for reading, pre-writing, drafting, reviewing, collaborating, revising, editing, and submitting texts by assigned deadlines.
  2. Evaluate a variety of media and technologies to address a range of audiences.
  3. Describe a variety of rhetorical concepts to analyze and compose a variety of texts.
  4. Use appropriate linguistic structures, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling in written texts.
  5. Apply common formats and conventions for ethically using, citing, and documenting a variety of texts.
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