CMA150 - Medical Office Clinical Applications I

This course focuses on the principles of medical office clinical procedures including preparing a patient for assisting a physician with examinations, procedures, and components of patient history. Covers patient charting, vital signs, sterile setups, universal blood precautions and methods of asepsis and sterilization. Topics also include techniques in patient interviewing and education. Lab provides the opportunity for practice proficiency in procedures.

Credits: 6

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Obtain and document patient history
  2. Correctly obtain a complete set of patient vital signs.
  3. Correctly perform patient charting
  4. Identify various surgical instruments
  5. Perform patient interviewing and education
  6. Perform proper ear and eye care
  7. Perform proper hand washing technique
  8. Recognize the impact personal ethics and morals have on the delivery of healthcare.