DENLB204 - Principles of Occlusion

This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to the principles of occlusion, including the anatomical structures of the oral cavity, the determinants of occlusal morphology, misaligned teeth versus ideal teeth and the physiology of mandibular movements as they relate to the fabrication of dental restorations.

Credits: 2

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Discuss cusp to fossa vs. cusp to embrasure
  2. Discuss mutual protection vs. cuspal protection (cuspid rise)
  3. Discuss the interrelationship of morphologic and functional occlusion
  4. Discuss unilateral balancing vs. full balancing occlusion
  5. Understand centric occlusion and centric related occlusion
  6. Understand eccentric occlusion
  7. Understand the primary and secondary determinants of occlusion