CMA153 - Human Diseases and Pharmacology

This course provides instruction in the principles of pharmacology for medical assistants. Course content includes preparing and verifying proper dosages of medication for administration, updating medication lists utilizing an electronic medical record system, using techniques to help explain medication treatment plans to patients to ensure patient understanding and compliance.

Credits: 3

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Administer medications by various routes: IM, Sub-Q, ID, and Oral. Select proper sites for administration (excludes IV).
  2. Prepare and administration of proper immunizations
  3. Verify order doses/dosages prior to administering medications
  4. Calculate proper dosages of medication for administration through applied mathematics.
  5. Discuss cultural competence and how it effects patient care as it pertains to prescriptions, immunizations and childhood diseases.
  6. Identify childhood and other diseases, as well as the immunization schedule