CYBR102 - Operating System Fundamentals

Introduction to fundamental information technology essential to managing desktop operating systems. Includes client operating system installations, applying security practices, management, troubleshooting, managing files and folders, and devices.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Describe how operating system software manages its subsystem and the role of computer system hardware of modern computing environments
  2. Describe how processes can become deadlocked, how to detect and recover from deadlocks, and starvation using an operating system
  3. Describe network topologies, categories of networks and list transport protocol models
  4. Explain how system threats change as technologies evolve and the effect in a professional business
  5. Give examples how system security affects the role of the operating systems and how system security practices affect overall system performance in a modern operating system
  6. Identify how the layers of each one corresponds to each other in a network system
  7. Install UNIX, Windows, Linux and Android operating systems as used in the industry
  8. Understand memory management and partition categories as they are applied to modern operating systems used in the industry
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