INFO105 - IT Systems II

This course provides a foundation in mobile devices, networking technologies, operating systems, software configuration, and operational procedures. Students use virtual and hands-on labs using the Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Students learn to meet business information technology needs within realistic constraints. This course prepares students to take Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ certification exams. 


CIP: 11.0901

EPC: 527


Credits: 5

Prerequisites: none

Corequisites: none

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Maintain mobile device components, features, management, and wireless network connection options as applied in the industry.
  2. Identify network types, ports, protocols, and devices in client and server environments as applied in the industry.
  3. Implement directory services, remote services, updates, and backup methods for the Windows client operating system as applied in the industry.
  4. Implement peripheral device installation, configuration, options, and troubleshooting as applied in the industry.
  5. Implement laptop hardware and components using mobile management strategies as per industry standards.