MACH160 - Conventional Machining

This class is an introduction to conventional machining the majority of this course will occur in the machining lab practicing the basics of chucking applications, milling and lathe setup, operations, and safety standards. Students who complete this coursework are eligible to earn the NIMS credential: Drill Press. This course is taken concurrently with MACH 150 and MACH 155.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training


  1. Demonstrate various toolholding and workholding devices on the lathe
  2. Accurately calculate lathe speeds, feeds and machining time
  3. Demonstrate proper workpiece and tooling setup for thread cutting on the lathe
  4. List primary methods of turning tapers and their benefits and drawbacks
  5. Demonstrate understanding of various cutting tools, tool-holding, and work-holding devises on a milling machine
  6. Accurately square a block on the milling machine
  7. Demonstrate respectful team member skills in a diverse classroom/lab environment