BUS250 - Human Resource Management Principles

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the coherent, strategic, and efficient management of people to achieve organizational goals. This course discusses principles of HRM and provides learning activities to apply best practices to support the achievement of organizational objectives.


CIP: 52.0201

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: ENGL& 101, 2.0 grade or better

Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer (at Dean's discretion)


  1. Explain the role of human resource management in meeting organizational goals.
  2. Describe major functions of human resources management such as talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, and performance management.
  3. Discuss the relationship and differences among national, state, and local level laws as they relate to human resource management.
  4. Apply strategies to align employee performance with organizational goals.
  5. Analyze approaches designed to enhance and optimize employee development and organizational effectiveness.
  6. Apply evidence-based strategies to promote a positive, productive, and inclusive organizational culture.
  7. Evaluate policies and procedures and how these impact human resources and organizational objectives.