ENGR&111 - Engineering Graphics I

This course is designed for students enrolled in an engineering program who need to learn the basic concepts of engineering graphics. Topics include two dimensional CAD use of lettering, scale, geometric construction, drawing layout, orthographic or multiview drawings and dimensioning. This course also introduces the concepts of 3-D Computer aided Drafting (CAD) solid modeling design and its application to engineering drawing.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


  1. Describe the interrelationships and roles of diverse engineering technology technicians in the various engineering fields.
  2. Use basic engineering vocabulary to discuss design ideas and engineering solutions.
  3. Interpret blueprint standards and the line types and symbols that comprise them
  4. Describe how specifications and dimensions are used and portrayed on engineering graphics.
  5. Define the interrelationship of engineering graphics that comprise a project.
  6. Create basic geometric shapes using drafting equipment/software.