AUTOB104 - Minor Body Repair Methods

Students identify materials used in minor body repair and how to use them to fill/smooth depressed areas in sheet metal.  The removal and installation of bolt-on panels are also included

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: AUTOB102, AUTOB103

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Choose the correct body filler for a particular repair job
  2. List common mistakes made when using filler and spot putty
  3. List the different types of body fillers and glazes
  4. List the steps for shrinking metal
  5. Properly repair rust out damage
  6. Summarize the deformation effects of impacts on steel
  7. Summarize the procedures for paintless dent removal
  8. Use a hammer an dolly to straighten metal
  9. Use recommended methods for shaping filler
  10. Correctly apply filler
  11. Describe different types of metals used in vehicle construction
  12. Describe how to use special sanding aids
  13. Explain how to bump dents with spoons
  14. Explain how to repair scratches, nicks, dings, and surface rust with body filler and glazing putty
  15. Explain the strength ratings of metals
  16. Identify the correct way to mix filler and hardener