DNTU 101 - Asepsis, Infection, Hazard Control

Students train in safety procedures including OSHA/WSHA and infection control compliance for Denturists offices and laboratories. This includes a special emphasis on the materials, hazardous materials, interpreting MSDS’s, equipment, and procedures mandated in the dental environment for protection of staff and patients from infection by infectious disease organisms. Students also complete the State of Washington “Aids Awareness Course.”

Credits: 2

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Define asepsis infectious disease
  2. Define the basic principles of unit dosing
  3. Define the basic principles of standard precautions
  4. Describe how to utilize barrier techniques in the clinic/laboratory.
  5. Describe the standard precautions including, infection control, medical history, hand washing, personal protective equipment, barriers, chemical disinfectants, ultrasonic cleaners, sterilizers, and instrument storage
  6. List several ways to reduce cross contamination
  7. List the general considerations for dental equipment decontamination
  8. Define the basic principles of bloodborne pathogens
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