AUTOB103 - Materials Identification

Students are introduced to the various types of automotive materials, finishes and the equipment used in their application. Emphasis is placed on identification of a variety of repair and refinishing materials, types of equipment, and proper safety precautions

Credits: 3

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


  1. Analyze information, recognizing viable solutions
  2. Select the right repair material for a particular job
  3. Summarize the use of chemical fasteners
  4. Summarize when to use different kinds of filler
  5. Compare the use of similar shop materials
  6. Define the importance of using a complete paint system
  7. Explain bolt and nut torque values
  8. Explain the basic purpose of primers, sealers, surfaces, and other refinish materials
  9. Explain when specific fasteners are used in body construction
  10. Identify and select the right type of primer and paint
  11. Identify the various fasteners used
  12. Remove and install bolts and nuts properly