CYBR110 - Ethical Hacking Essentials

Students gain essential insight into various information security attack vectors -- including password cracking, malware, social engineering, sniffing, web app attacks, and Structured Query Language (SQL) injection. Learn the basic methodologies in auditing information systems against these threats. Ethical Hacker Essentials Voucher included with coursework purchase.


CIP: 11.1003

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: none

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Describe common network vulnerabilities and threats in the industry.
  2. Explain how network attack tools are used in the industry to search for and repair system vulnerabilities.
  3. Analyze various attack vectors and learn methodologies to audit information systems against threats.
  4. Research and present findings on current and future legal standing that affect the industry and profession.
  5. Collaborate in groups to prepare for Industry certification.