OTA231 - OTA and Special Settings

This course focuses on the settings which require the OT assistant to be an independent self-starter. Occupational therapy practice with elderly clients in long term care, assisted living and home health care, pediatric clients in school settings, and injured workers in work condition programs are covered.

Credits: 4

Offered: Summer


  1. Express support for the quality of life, well-being, and occupation of the individual, group, or population to promote physical and mental health and prevention of injury and disease considering the context (e.g., cultural, physical, social, personal,
  2.  Describe the role of the occupational therapy assistant in care coordination, case management, and transition services in traditional and emerging practice environments.
  3.  Provide fabrication, application, fitting, and training in orthotic devices used to enhance occupational performance and participation, and training in the use of prosthetic devices.
  4. Recognize and communicate the need to refer to specialists (both internal and external to the profession) for consultation and intervention.
  5.  Understand when and how to use the consultative process where appropriate with specific consumers or consumer groups as directed by an occupational therapist.
  6. Identify the skills necessary to follow a research protocol including accurate and confidential collection of data and related documentation.
  7. Identify and explain the need for supervisory roles, responsibilities, and collaborative professional relationships between the occupational therapist and the occupational therapy assistant, particularly in specialized settings.
  8. Promote the use of appropriate home and community programming to support performance in the client’s natural environment and participation in all contexts relevant to the client.
  9. Demonstrate skills to read and understand a scholarly report, including the ability to articulate how scholarly activities and literature contribute to the development of the profession.