DENLB120 - Removable Partial Dentures I

This course is an introduction to removable partial dentures. The student will learn the various classifications, design theory, survey techniques, and components for removable partial denture construction. In addition, the student will learn digital scanning and design techniques

Credits: 3

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Apply infection control procedures in a manner that fully complies with OSHA and WISHA requirements
  2. Classify various edentulous conditions using the Kennedy-Applegate System
  3. Demonstrate the step-by-step process to survey dental casts
  4. Identify and accurately label surveyor parts and tools
  5. Inspect impression molds for defects and pour up in hydrocal dental stone
  6. Select partial denture design in a manner that considers the requirements for frameworks, denture base materials, and space for artificial teeth