DNTA103 - Dental Materials I

Basic physical and technical aspects of dental materials utilized in restorative and laboratory dental materials. Designed to develop the knowledge of the properties and manipulative skills necessary for the application of these materials to include, but not limited to; dental lab safety and asepsis, infection control, gypsum, impression materials, acrylics and waxes, fabrication of study casts, whitening trays and final impression materials.

Credits: 4

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Describe various types of gypsum products and their uses in dentistry.
  2. Demonstrate the preparation and taking of occlusal registrations and preliminary study cast impressions.
  3. Create study casts inboth plaster and stone.
  4. Fabricate whitening and custom trays
  5. Demonstrate proper lab safety and aseptic technique