CYBR207 - Network Attack Mitigation / Defense

Acquire mitigation and defense skills using adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures. Focus is on firewall design and management, VPNs, Internet security, policies, and ongoing security management. Students are introduced to web security and hardening the network infrastructure. Students will learn how to develop and implement security and network management policies.

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: CYBR203, CYBR204

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Analyze how security policies are implemented on systems to protect a network in the industry
  2. Apply operating system hardening techniques for different platforms
  3. Demonstrate implementation of network hardening techniques as used in the industry
  4. Detect, identify, resolve and document host or network intrusions
  5. Evaluate how network operational procedures relate to network security in the industry
  6. Plan documentation of policies for operating system hardening processes as per best practices
  7. Plan, write, and implement intrusion detection and management policies for host-based systems
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