Communications & Marketing

The Communications and Marketing departments work closely with all college departments to create and enhance public awareness of Bates programs, through printed materials, public and media relations, website development and many other avenues.

The offices provides comprehensive services for:

  • Graphic design of flyers, brochures, posters, and more
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Website development
  • Media relations
  • Electronic communications, including our blog, The Insider.
  • Strategic marketing and promotional planning
  • Social media support

We work closely with you to ensure the highest quality content and graphic standards in all college materials. Accordingly, all materials intended for public distribution need to come through the departments before they are reproduced or circulated to their intended audience(s).

How to get started

Getting a project started on the right foot is a big key to success. Let us help you plan from the beginning. We offer design, writing and editing services to the college at no cost.

  • Please fill out a Communications Project Request form and upload a Word document and any photos or graphic images you’d like to use. Your request will be forwarded to the correct department for production.
  • The required minimum turn-around time is 3-4 weeks. For more complex projects, allow more time. Projects that are submitted without text, or without the minimum turn-around time may not be completed by the due date.
  • One design option will be provided.
  • You will have the opportunity for two rounds of design/editorial revisions.
  • We will work with your suggestions as much as possible but Communications/Marketing will have the final decision on approval.


Departments are responsible for coordinating their own printing through General Services. Communications and Marketing will provide you with a CD of your files and you should send those with a Print Request Form to General Services.

Media Relations

If you are looking for recent news stories, please visit The Insider blog. If you wish to speak with our staff, please contact us at 253.680.7106 or 253.680.7102.

Bates Logo

Help us maintain the integrity of the Bates brand. Bates’ logo is available in blue, black and white.  Take care when re-sizing a logo within a document to “lock aspect ratio” so as not to distort the image.

The logo:

  • should be printed in blue, black or white only.
  • can be printed as white only when reversed out of a dark background.
  • should be placed in a way that there is at least 1/4″ of blank space surrounding it.

If you have an old version of an old Bates logo, do not use it. If you are unsure about whether you are using the correct logo, or are placing it properly, drop us an email or give us a call (x7106). We’re happy to help!

Instructions to download logos and letterhead:

To download Logos (PC):
1) Right click your mouse over the image of the logo
2) Choose “Save Picture As”
3) Navigate to the folder or location where you want to save the logo
4) Press “Save”

To download Logos (Mac):
1) Press “Control” on your keyboard
2) Click on the image of the logo and choose “Save Image As”
3) Navigate to the folder or location where you want to save the logo
4) Press “Save” 

To download Letterhead:
1) Click on the Letterhead thumbnail
2) Click “save” or “open”

Bates Black Logo  Bates black logo
Bates Black Logo and website Bates black logo
and website
Bates Black Logo, Website and Phone Bates black logo,
website and phone
Bates Blue Logo Bates blue logo
Bates Blue Logo and Website Bates blue logo
and website
Bates Blue Logo, Website and Phone Bates blue logo,
website and phone
Bates White Logo Bates white logo
Bates White Logo and Website Bates white logo
and website
Bates White Logo, Website and Phone Bates white logo,
website and phone
Bates Black Letterhead Bates black
Bates Blue Letterhead Bates blue