Bates' Vet Corps Navigator offers on-campus support, resources

Posted: January 12, 2022

Austine LeBlanc offers veterans on-campus support and resources.

Meet our Vet Corps Navigator, Austine LeBlanc! 

Austine, a veteran herself, is a contracted volunteer under Veterans Affairs and Vet Corps to provide services on-campus specifically to student veterans here at Bates Technical College. As a navigator, Austine can connect you to support resources and services here on campus or in the community, as well as veteran-specific opportunities, too. This includes referrals to on and off-campus services. 

These services could include things like providing a peer connection for veterans new to higher education, providing veterans with connections to federal, state or local veteran’s resources, or helping connect veterans to specialized opportunities like art or equine therapy. Resources and therapy options are often offered at no cost, or low cost, and other funding sources may also available. 

“Bates is a totally different environment than what most navigators work in,” says Austine, noting that student veterans who come to Bates Technical College often have unique needs and specific technical education pathways, but often need more than just academic support. ​​“Bates was totally different in what the environment needed me to be (as a support provider).” 

That said, Austine also notes that she’s getting ready to launch a new food pantry program to benefit all Bates Tech students, but especially at Central Campus. 

Vet Corps Navigator Austine LeBlanc has two offices here at Bates Tech — one at south campus and another office (under remodel as of this feature) at downtown campus. The best way to get in touch with her is via email at to schedule a time to connect. 

On a personal level, Austine is also a full-time student at another college, hoping to transfer to another local university in this fall, so you’ll want to connect with her before July when she transitions to her next campus. 

You can learn more about available veteran-specific resources on the Veterans Center page on the Bates Tech website at