Advisory Committees

Local education agencies or institutions appoint advisory committees for career and technical education programs. These committees help improve programs that prepare students to enter and succeed in the workforce. Members, who represent business and labor, have expertise in the skills and competencies needed for specific occupations. Because committee members have extensive knowledge of the area they advise, instructors and administrators take their role seriously.  

Committees are goal-oriented and achieve results. They promote constructive and necessary change within a program, generate new ideas and serve as advocates for quality career and technical education. 

Advisory committee members will: 

  • Identify and validate academic and occupational competencies 
  • Develop student performance standards and measures 
  • Evaluate equipment and facilities against industry grants 
  • Recommend new technologies to include in the program 
  • Facilitate student job shadowing, internships or cooperative work experiences 
  • Increase community awareness of career and technical education 
  • Help with student recruitment and job placement 
  • Provide back-to-industry opportunities for instructors 
  • Promote efforts of technical student organizations 
  • Determine effectiveness of program 
  • Support state and federal legislation impacting career and technical education 

Professional/Technical Advisory Committees: