Policy Library, Procedures, Bylaws and WACs

Board Bylaws and Policies
Board bylaws and policies are the voice of the Board of Trustees and define the general rules, values, and acceptable practices for the governing body of Bates Technical College, District 28. It implements federal and state laws and regulations. Such policies constitute the College’s governance position until amended, repealed or superseded by the Board. The Board of Trustees, through policy, delegates authority to and through the President to administer the College operations.

College Policies and Procedures
College policies and procedures implement Board bylaws, policies, and regulations. They address how the general goals of Bates Technical College are achieved, and define operations of the College. They include details of policy implementation, accountability, and standards of practice.

The Board bylaws & policies of Bates Technical College can be found in the Bates Policy Library. The College is in the process of updating and revising its College policies and procedures. This information will be uploaded to this site on a continuous basis as each College policy and procedure is updated.

Washington Administrative Codes (WACs)
Washington Administrative Code or “WAC” means the administrative rules and regulations by which state agencies operate to execute the laws enacted by the Legislature. The WAC codifies the regulations and arranges them by subject or agency. All references to Bates Technical College WAC chapters or sections (listed as WAC 495A) can be located on the Washington State Legislature website.

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